Every Minute Counts: How TigerLoc Fights Fire

Architect, Fire Safety, Innovation, Tilt Up | November 26, 2015

As a father one of the most common scenarios that runs through my head is waking up to a house filled with smoke and flames. Of course in my scenario I am leaping through flames with my daughter protectively tucked in my arms, and my muscles are much more impressive in this daydream than they…

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The Case Against Wood

Energy Efficiency, Tilt Up | November 12, 2015

Unfortunately for the wonderfully versatile building material of wood, using it within insulated concrete assemblies is not appropriate. Concrete bleeds water as it sets up, to consider using non-treated wood in a contained moist location would be disastrous due to the rotting of the wood that would occur. It has been widely accepted that treated…

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Why Insulated Tilt Panels?

If you have ever seen a tilt-up project completed or even drove by a building that was being tilted, it is an interesting and exciting process. The tilt-up process is a relatively simple process, the walls are constructed on the ground and once complete they are tilted into place. Once the roof structure is installed…

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