Energy Efficiency, Innovation | October 30, 2015

There was a time when green construction was merely the talk of an idealist. I can remember the time before LEED showed up, before green construction practices were truly considered. Once these practices did start showing up in force it was met with skepticism and resistance (our human nature towards change is the subject of…

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What is Tigerloc?

As we have now been on the market for a couple of solid months, it’s probably time to explain what we are up to. What is our structural thermal break that we have named Tigerloc? Tigerloc is a patent pending innovation for use in insulated concrete tilt-up and precast assemblies. Tigerloc acts as a lining…

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Who Cares About the Details?

Innovation | October 4, 2015

After months of negotiating, re-pricing, cost savings, development permits, building permits, etc. you finally have the green light to start your project. As your supervisory crew begins setting up the site and the site prep contractors are beginning to mobilize, you have about a million tasks running through your mind. The goal is to keep…

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Why Insulated Tilt Panels?

If you have ever seen a tilt-up project completed or even drove by a building that was being tilted, it is an interesting and exciting process. The tilt-up process is a relatively simple process, the walls are constructed on the ground and once complete they are tilted into place. Once the roof structure is installed…

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