What is Tigerloc?

As we have now been on the market for a couple of solid months, it’s probably time to explain what we are up to. What is our structural thermal break that we have named Tigerloc? Tigerloc is a patent pending innovation for use in insulated concrete tilt-up and precast assemblies.

Tigerloc acts as a lining for openings in insulated concrete assemblies. This brings a few specific advantages:

  1. Since the insulation is never exposed at openings, no custom cutting of insulation is required to taper it at openings. In a rush on your project? We can ship Tigerloc quickly and with it all insulation can be straight sheets, no tapered cuts.
  2. Continuous insulation is guaranteed. The phrase continuous insulation is a buzz word in our industry because it relates to a highly energy efficient building. The trouble is that at details such as overhead doors, this requirement may be ignored and in reality, designers may never know that this has occurred. This is no longer the case. As long as you see openings lined with Tigerloc, you know you have a continuous insulation barrier in your assembly.
  3. Panel cracking is reduced. Without Tigerloc, contractors may be tempted to hold their insulation back from openings without breaking the connection between the separate wythes. A lot of details within our industry show some kind of break in the wythes under this application, but in all honesty this seldom happens.
  4. Window and door assemblies are meant to tie directly into Tigerloc. This is an advantage as Tigerloc is built from a polymer that accepts regular wood screws with no special prep while providing an R value. No more concrete drilling that is hazardous to health and slow. Further to this, your windows now line up with your insulation which is the way your building assembly was meant to be constructed.

The following makes Tigerloc the ideal choice for lining insulated concrete panel openings:
  1. When tested, window assemblies held up to 490 pounds per square foot before the screws tying the window into Tigerloc broke. This means that your window, door frame or screws will shear long before Tigerloc ever fails.
  2. Tigerloc has been designed to tie into the structural wythe only. It remains completely independent from the fascia wythe meaning the concrete wythes are completely free to expand and contract thermally independent of each other.
  3. The concrete anchors on Tigerloc have been designed to be flexible, allowing for thermal differentials between Tigerloc and concrete.
  4. Tigerloc won’t rot when left exposed to the water that make its way through the insulated concrete assembly.
  5. Tigerloc’s properties are similar to wood so it can be cut with regular wood working tools, and installed quickly and efficiently.

By changing your insulated concrete assembly from precut tapered to using our assembly we can save your project tens of thousands in project costs.

To summarize, Tigerloc saves you project material costs, speeds up installs of windows and doors, provides better building details and limits the health risk to your workers while guaranteeing a continuous insulation application.

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