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Producing the most innovative thermal break product on the market.

At JK Thermal, we realized the challenges both designers and contractors were facing when working together to eliminate thermal bridging and improve detailing in order to meet ever-evolving energy codes. That is why we wanted to offer a product that provides both designers and contractors with an easy solution.

featured product

TigerLoc thermal break product


  • Makes your building energy efficient by eliminating thermal bridges at window and door openings
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Composite material that will NOT rot or lead to future window/door failures
  • Saves contractors both time and money
  • Provides assurance of energy code compliance

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Specify Our Products in Your Next Project to Ensure Energy Code Compliance.

Energy code compliance has evolved to a point where review and proof of compliance is required. JK Thermal products offer a simple solution that provides assurance of energy code compliance. Our products are simple to detail and install during construction.

  • Fully documented
  • Proven to maximize energy performance
  • Prolongs the building’s life cycle
  • Installs easily and quickly
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OUR PRODUCTS provide faster on-site installation when compared to traditional methods.

All of the JK Thermal products were developed with a contractor mindset, ensuring that they are easy to work with and are simple to install within the forming stage of your insulated wall assembly. Our products not only save time for the contractor forming the walls but also for those fastening their frames to TigerLoc®.

Help for Contractors

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“We found the TigerLoc® system to make our job a lot easier in the areas that our fasteners screwed into it. It felt a lot like screwing into wood and saved us a lot of time compared to hammer drilling into the concrete and installing plugs. There were some areas on our last project that the GC didn’t install TigerLoc®  and we had nothing but Styrofoam to fasten to. It was a nightmare trying to fasten our frames to it! I would recommend TigerLoc® to anyone using an insulated wall system. It was great to work with!”

– Lee Jones