Award winning thermal break product, proven to maintain continuous insulation for tilt-up and pre-cast construction.

 Product overview

TigerLoc® is a thermal break product for use at window and door openings within an insulated concrete assembly. It works to ensure energy code compliance by maintaining continuous insulation requirements, as well as providing a solid surface for fastening window and door frames


  • Durability—TigerLoc® will not rot or corrode fasteners, which minimizes the need for maintenance and repairs of your building.
  • Quality—TigerLoc® provides properly constructed details that ensures efficiency and superior building performance.
  • Efficiency—TigerLoc® provides faster on-site installation and better energy performance in your building.
  • Save Energy—TigerLoc® ensures that your building envelope is maximizing energy performance.
  • Save Time—TigerLoc® installs quickly and accommodates fast installation of door and window frames with no pre-drilling.
  • Save Money—TigerLoc® streamlines site installation time, while lowering building energy operating costs.


Within our Resource Library, you will find a variety of details and product specifications to assist with your design. If you need something that is not currently found here, please contact us.

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TigerLoc® is designed for simple and quick installation, as it can be easily cut and installed with standard tools found on any construction site. Our installation guide provides a brief overview of the suggested installation of TigerLoc®.


TigerLoc® FAQ

How does TigerLoc® save on costs?

When using TigerLoc®, insulation does not need to be tapered, which can save thousands of dollars in project labour costs. Installing window and door frames into TigerLoc® is also expedited and, as the building’s design becomes more energy efficient, operating costs will be reduced over the lifespan of the building.

Can TigerLoc® act as a fire barrier?

TigerLoc® can act as a fire barrier, protecting insulation within your concrete assembly. Standard TigerLoc® achieves VO standards under UL 94, which means that it self-extinguishes within 10 seconds after being exposed to fire contact.

How is TigerLoc® better than wood or a treated wood nailer?

Treated wood or wood in general should not be used in insulated concrete assemblies. Wood does not have a high R-Value, so your insulation values will be compromised. The combination of wood and moisture from the freshly poured concrete can also lead to rotting and/or failure of the wood nailer over time.

It has also been shown that the chemicals within treated wood counteract with both fasteners and aluminum materials, such as window frames, causing a chemical reaction that eats away at these materials. Ultimately, your window detail will be compromised by using wood or treated wood in your assembly.

Does TigerLoc's® thermal expansion and contraction differ from concrete's?

Yes, the proprietary materials that TigerLoc® is made out of expand and contract differently than concrete. This has been factored into the construction of TigerLoc®, so that the material is flexible enough to compensate for any differences in thermal expansion and contraction within the concrete and layers, while still providing a solid surface that can be fastened to.

What applications can TigerLoc® be used in?

TigerLoc™ was developed to save costs, as well as to create more efficient building details for insulated concrete panels. This system can be used in tilt-up concrete construction, precast panel applications, as well as a cast-in-place and a variety of other applications within the concrete industry.

Are there any limitations to TigerLoc®?

TigerLoc® has been designed to work within concrete insulated panels as part of the envelope/insulation system and is used to provide both continuous insulation, as well as a solid surface for fastening window and door frames to. TigerLoc® is a thermal break product that is not intended to be used for structural considerations.

TigerLoc® was designed as a fire barrier to protect polystyrene insulation exposure on the inside of a structure and is not recommended for use in applications beyond this.


Garaventa Lift
Tilt-up construction thermal break products

This 100,000 square-foot, insulated tilt-up building was a design-build project in Surrey, BC. TigerLoc® was used to line the storefront openings around the office area, as well as the main doors and overhead doors within the warehouse.

Subzero Cold Logistics

A 33,000sf Freezer Building using Tilt Up Sandwich panels. Tigerloc was used around the openings throughout the office area and OHLoc was used as a thermal break for all of the Freezer Doors. As this was the first freezer tilt in BC the following article was published in the Tilt Up Concrete Association (TCA) Publication.


Aldergrove Recreation Centre/Pool

This $30 million project features energy efficient design and construction. TigerLoc® was used to provide thermal breaks at all of the exterior window and door openings of this energy efficient, state-of-the-art pool, ice rink, and recreation centre.