Short-term and long-term cost savings with TigerLoc concrete thermal break

Innovation | January 13, 2017

The TigerLoc concrete thermal break is an innovative building detail application designed for both short term and long term cost savings with regards to construction project costs and energy efficiency. The thermal break product has been designed to benefit both building contractors and property owners with its expedited installation process and continuous insulation barrier. The advanced concrete thermal breaks provide short-term costs savings for formwork contractors looking to reduce project labour by accelerating the installation of insulated concrete panels. Property owners can appreciate the long term cost savings resulting from an increase in energy efficiency and a reduction in maintenance costs. Learn more about each of these below:

Short term cost savings with TigerLoc concrete thermal break

By installing TigerLoc concrete thermal breaks in buildings, building contactors can save thousands of dollars on overall project costs. Not only does it eliminate the need to have insulation custom cut for openings in insulated concrete assemblies, it does not require insulation to be tapered. TigerLoc helps substantially reduce labour costs by expediting the installation of window and door frames through its simple installation process. The installation process also helps building contractors save big on material costs. In addition to all of the time and money saved on installation, TigerLoc significantly limits any health risks to construction workers by eliminating unnecessary concrete drilling during window installation.

Long-term cost savings with TigerLoc concrete thermal insulation

The TigerLoc concrete thermal break product can create long-term cost savings for building owners and homeowners alike. Since TigerLoc is designed to allow for the separation of concrete wythes, any material cracking associated with interlocked wythes is eliminated along with future maintenance and repair costs. A lot of repair costs are linked to using treated wood as opposed to concrete. Unlike wood products, TigerLoc concrete breaks will not rot when exposed to water. Treated wood or wood of any type should never be used in an insulated concrete assembly. It can result in a chemical reaction causing structural degradation of fasteners and twisting which leads to costly maintenance and repair fees. Installing TigerLoc breaks guarantees a continuous insulation barrier which effectively promotes energy efficiency and long term cost savings associated with it.

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