Thermal Break Products

JK Thermal provides a contractor’s solution to the industry wide problem involving thermal bridging within insulated concrete wall assemblies. Our products eliminate thermal bridging and ensure energy code compliance by maintaining continuous insulation, while also providing superior building detailing. All of our products are durable and easy to construct and can save your project energy, time, and money.

Our Products Make Your Building 100% Thermal Efficient and Code Compliant

All products from JK Thermal are effective thermal breaks that can help reduce the thermal transmittance of the envelope by up to 44%, when used to provide a complete thermal bridging solution for concrete sandwich panel wall assembly for a typical retail building. With the evolution of the energy code requiring building modeling to account for any thermal bridging, using detailed JK Thermal products can eliminate thermal bridging altogether. These products are also highly visible during the formwork and post panel tilt stages of the project, providing the design team with visual confirmation that proper detailing was completed. Please note: thermal break details showing wood and/or tapered insulation do not comply with ASHRAE 90.1.