TigerLoc by JK Thermal ensures energy code compliance by maintaining continuous insulation while providing superior building detailing at openings. 

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Additional Benefits Include: 

  • Provides a fire resistant barrier to insulation located within concrete assembly (achieves VO Standard under UL 94) 
  • Window and door frames can be attached to Tigerloc allowing for a faster installation schedule
  • Health hazards associated with drilling into concrete are minimized
  • Saves cost by eliminating the need to have your insulation custom cut for openings in insulated concrete assemblies
  • Complete separation for concrete wythes can be maintained ensuring that cracking associated with differences in thermal movement is eliminated



A Contractor's Approach


Tigerloc is our answer to an industry issue with insulated concrete panels. Based on our experience completing projects that require a high level of detail and expense to meet energy codes; we knew there had to be a better way to make this system work. After much consultation with industry professionals and testing we finally arrived at Tigerloc. Superior to wood in insulation value and unlike wood will not rot over time, lower cost than tapering insulation, easy to install. 


Consultant Approved


While working in the industry on insulated concrete systems we realized that our consultants were seeking a product that didn't yet exist. They wanted something that would allow for us to tie window and door frames into our system while maintaining the insulation barrier required by building code and ensuring the concrete wythes were separated. We were failing our consultants and our clients by providing a system that didn't truly work. Our consultants agree that Tigerloc is the answer they were seeking to the insulated concrete assembly. 


Cost and Schedule Savings

STB with Insulation.JPG

 Tigerloc offers cost savings, and an accelerated schedule completion due to the fact that the project schedule can be reduced thanks to the ease of installation to Tigerloc. In addition, the end user will find cost savings in the operation of the building as using Tigerloc ensures a continuous insulation layer, something which is required by ASHRAE code. Feel free to contact us and we'll let you know just how much you can save on your next project.